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Banner image of dust, lightening and irrigation

Research Highlights

NU-WRF Overview (Christa Peters-Lidard)

Modeling and Monitoring of Irrigation for Land-Atmosphere Interactions (P. Lawston, 2019)

Impacts of Irrigation on Summertime Temperatures in the Pacific Northwest (P. Lawston et. al., 2019)

Infusion of SMAP Soil Moisture Data into Offline and Coupled Models (J. Santanello et. al., 2018)

Soil Moisture Initialization Impacts on Weather Prediction (J. Santanello and P. Lawston, 2018)

Microphysics and radiation effect of dust on Saharan Air Layer – A HS3 case study (Z. Tao et. al, 2018)

Exploiting Satellite Observations of the PBL for Land-Atmosphere Interaction Studies (J. Santanello and T. Matsui, 2014)

Multi-sensor Radiance Based Evaluation of Aerosol-Cloud-Precipitation-Land processes. (T. Matsui, 2014)

Coupling CASA CO2 with NASA Unified WRF (NU-WRF) (Z. Tao, 2014)

High resolution model simulations for MC3E: Comparisons with observations and different microphysics schemes. (W.K. Tao, 2013)

Impacts of Irrigation on Land Surface Model Physics and Numerical Weather Prediction (J. Santanello, Jr. et. al., 2013)

Implementation of Aerosol-Cloud-Microphysics-Radiation Coupling in Nu-wrf (J.J. Shi)

New dust source functions in the NASA Unified-WRF. (D. Kim)


Representation of soil moisture feedbacks during drought in NASA Unified WRF (B. Zaitchik, 2012)

Impact of Land Cover Data on Atmospheric Processes and Air Quality (J. Santanello, Jr. and Z. Tao, 2012)

Land Model Calibration for improved Numerical Weather Prediction (J. Santanello, Jr., 2011)