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NU-WRF Version 9 patch 2 ("Charney patch 2") released.

NU-WRF Version 9 patch 2  (v9p2-wrf391-lis72 - hot fix) ("Charney") was released on 1 February 2019.


  • Fixed a problem observed in LIS precipitation being consistently less than that coming from WRF and which was due to a unit conversion issue. This bug may impact some results, specifically soil moisture and overall soils wet/dryness, for very long simulations.
  • This release also contains several build system enhancements that had already been merged into the develop branch.

G-EDAS for NU-WRF released

The Goddard Ensemble Data Assimilation System for NU-WRF (G-EDAS for NU-WRF) was released on 11 October 2016.  This supports and includes NU-WRF Version 8 Patch 2 ("Bjerknes Patch 2").


G-EDAS consists of three major components:

(1) A forecast model (NU-WRF);

(2) Observation forward models extracted from the Gridpoint Statistical Interpolation System (GSI) and the Goddard Satellite Data Simulation Unit (G-SDSU); and

(3) The Maximum Likelihood Ensemble Filter (MLEF).